Meet Stephanie Clawson

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Stephanie Clawson
Stephanie Clawson

Stephanie Clawson

Meet Stephanie Clawson

I’m a statistic.
  • Biological Father was an alcoholic
  • I was abused from the age of 5-10yrs by 3 different family members
  • Child of divorced parents
  • Mother remarried a man with 5 children, now I’m a member of a “blended family”
  • Experimented with drugs in high school
  • Made the choice of getting pregnant at 17yrs old making me a teen parent at 18yrs old
  • Wandered away from my Godly upbringing
  • Married when I was 21yrs old, divorced at 23yrs old
  • Single parent
  • Have been to jail a couple of times
  • Remarried a man with children making me a Stepparent
  • 6 miscarriages
  • Found Jesus again
  • Youth pastors
  • Missionaries
*** I did graduate from HS and College

What qualifies me to serve? Going over the list above, and with our worldly eyes we can read all that and think that I’m not qualified to do mission work for the Lord. Who am I to be speaking hope into anyone’s life?

What the enemy meant for harm, Jesus turned into something good and fruitful.

In September 2015, my husband and I left our careers, rehomed our animals, sold our home and left for Belize for the next 3 months to do mission work. This moment was possible after 4 years of previous mission work and a year of hard work of getting fully funded to do fulltime mission work in Thailand at the beginning of 2016. When we returned from Belize, our life was forever changed when the effects of pornography wreaked havoc in our family. My husband and I were left picking up pieces of our family that we never thought we would ever need to mend. We had no idea how to talk to our children about it, what to do or how to help them navigate through this culture of hyper sexualization. We had to be taught as parents how to open up the lines of communication and help them heal. We attended many events and conferences on how pornography is impacting our families and marriages and how to protect your children from falling victim to its addictive behaviors. Through these events and conferences we realized that we couldn’t be the only parents with children that are struggling with pornography.

We are dedicated to bringing freedom to other families through education and awareness on pornography. We look forward to helping other families and individuals find healing and break the addiction of pornography from their lives.